What are they — the best nannies

We learned hundreds of stories and became assured that a real nanny sincerely gives her love and care, feels a child like her own one and keeps the rules in the family thoroughly.

Even the most experienced nanny is a bit anxious in the beginning of her work. But her kindness and warm heart, her wish to understand a child, to protect him, to care about him, to give him a little part of her soul help her to cope with it.

While mother and father are busy with important issues, the nanny helps their child not to be sad and to play with joy, she wraps her hand around the child and help him to keep calm, if something doesn’t come out successfully. Nanny is able to make friends and to be happy for the child’s achievements and to be next to the child in the moment of need.

Nanny Check-list from Dream Nanny Agency:

  • she is modern, doesn’t impose her own opinion to child’s upbringing and able to find an individual approach to each child;
  • she is attentive, understands peculiarities of child’s character and his/her style of behavior;
  • she won’t lose her head in case of child’s hysterics, can look into the reason of such behavior and find the correct approach to sort out it;
  • she is used to work under video surveillance and carries out her medical tests upon demand of employers;
  • she can find the common language with the child’s family members and doesn’t initiate conflicts;
  • she studies the state-of art styles of upbringing and advances the level of knowledge for child’s development;

  • she has experience working with children of all ages;
  • she develops the child’s abilities according to his/her age, has a literate speech, physically active, is engaged in some kind of creative activity, can play joyfully and is optimistic;
  • she keeps subordinance with her employer (she feels the limit of the admitted behavior style in working relations);
  • she keeps clean habits, neatly brushed- up and regularly changes her clothes;
  • she takes care about the child’s health (she observes the medical doctor’s prescriptions and informs the child’s parents on the child’s state of health);
  • she does the supervision and keeps the safety rules for the child’s security.