Anastasiia Kovaliova
Ksenia has helped me to select our first nanny in our life. I was very scared, but eventually I remained satisfied. It took us three weeks to select the nanny, from the moment of submitting application on the website till the day of selection of nanny. I was worried if we would find the nanny in time, since I had to go to work. Eventually, we managed to exactly have met the deadlines.

Antonina Kaplia
I like their service very much. We are satisfied with the nanny!!! Thank you very much!

Ania Storozhenko
Very exact and profound clarification of our enquiry and our family’s needs! No agency has ask me so many questions on my children in such a way, as Ksenia did.
We needed nanny urgently and in a week we were already shown 4 equally experienced (!!!!!) candidates. That is, not so that only one of them was normal and the other three “for crowd scene”, but exactly four decent nannies, from whom one could select one.
And what is most important thing for me is the further mother’s actions: I had a lot of questions in the process of hosting of a new person into our family, and Ksenia did her best to help. Very many thanks!!!

‎Svetlana Svetlaia
I’d like to express my gratitude to Ksenia for our co-working and prompt employment and to recommend you Dream Nanny Agency. By the way, the registration is free and it is very easy to get to the Agency (next to Druzhby Narodiv Мaidan). You can always contact Ksenia for consultation and clarification. Ksenia does her work professionally and with love, and she is polite and very positive.

Anna Пашкевич
Thanks to Ksenia for her work! I have already been working as a nanny from her agency for a month in an excellent family with a nice child, about whom I care and with whom I share my love and knowledge. Nanny Anny.

Alexander Ten
I consider Ksenia to have professional skills for her business. It’s difficult to look through and work with websites for staff selection with false curriculum vitae. Ksenia has her thorough approach to conducting a poll and verification of candidates. I recommend this Agency to all who looks not only for employee, but almost the member of your family and reliable tutor for your child.

Maksim Ishchenko
We have found the nanny with help of Ksenia. Our experience in co-working with Ksenia is only positive, we liked the detailed questionnaire for search of nanny and useful information on website, including pricings.

Anna Tsviliuk
Ksenia, many thanks for your ability to implement 100% match :) We are very satisfied with our Nanny Yaroslava! Our first experience in search and co-working with nanny is rather successful due to You and your job done! We wish you every success in your difficult and delicate business!!!

Tania Sokhar
Ksenia is a real professional in staff search, she does her work with great responsibility and considers all wishes and requirements. That is why the results are 100%. It’s very easy to speak with her (even on other topics, not about our deal). Thank you very much! I am so much satisfied)
Keep up the good work!

Dmitrii Osipa
Thanks to Ksenia we found an excellent nanny and a friend for our child.
Our child is just one year old. We thought for a long time on if we need to take nanny, because our child is so little! But Ksenia persuaded us that everything would be all right and a good nanny would make both a mother, and a child happy. And she was right.
The first time I had phoned Ksenia long before we decided to work with her. She told me in the minute details, to what things must be paid attention when selecting a nanny, how to hold interview, absolutely free of charge. Then, when we came to her office and ask to search a nanny for us, we filled in a very simple questionnaire with our wishes to our future nanny. After this she found for us a few very nice candidates with long-term experience of work in families. It wasn’t easy for us to choose a nanny, but we are really satisfied with the nanny to whom we offered the job. It took us in whole about 3-4 weeks to find the nanny.

Alina Lukian
Undoubtedly, Ksenia is a real professional in her business.
We found our nanny very promptly and are very satisfied with her.
The selection lasted for 1 week, and within 1 day we hold 4 interviews, and just from the following week nanny came to us to work on probation hours.
Ksenia carries out the nanny’s selection very responsibly, she gets familiarized with your application in detail, provides a good consulting on employment issues, necessarily gets the feedback comments from a nanny and the employers, renders a moral support of the whole process and keeps her promises. We will be happy to keep in touch with Ksenia in future.

Olga Kuraksa
I have found an excellent nanny and “insider”. Ksenia worked perfectly! I had a lot of fears and anxieties, because I was going to work when my daughter was just 6 months. Ksenia was so sure that everything worked out very well, she helped me understand, what nanny I needed, and also she provided support on any issues to me (sometimes even at non-working hours). Ksenia is the right example of a person who does his/her job with inspiration and creativeness.

Valya Semenenko
I’d like to express my gratitude to Ksenia for her considerate approach to dealing with nannies and employers. Ksenia had found a very good, intelligent family, in which I had worked over a year before a child went to kindergarten.
Ksenia does her work very thoroughly as a very qualified specialist.
She is an attentive, understanding and responsible person. She selects and verifies the right candidates very thoroughly. Ksenia is a very positive person, easy to get along with, able to hear you.
It is perceived that this person had found her vocation.

Valentyna Datsiuk
I’d like to express my gratitude to Ksenia for prompt and timely job selection. I have worked as a nanny for 9 tears, this is my third family, a child is just amazing! Also I like this family very much, they are very good and decent people.
In selection of candidates for your family Ksenia considers wishes and compatibility of both parties, which is very important, professional and appropriately match to each application. This agency verify the recommendations of nannies (I doubt that the employers of any other agencies would have phoned to London to my previous employers. And Ksenia did it!).I take the courage to recommend Dream Nanny Agency for each party – both for those who are looking a job of nanny, and for those who need nanny!

Mike Pritula
We have found a nanny with Ksiusha. What I can say — Ksiusha has a clear understanding who is an ideal nanny.

Alina Cherepanskaia
When all our attempts to find a good nanny on our own failed, we contact Ksenia for help.
At the very beginning we liked the structured, professional and very correct approach to the whole process. Ksenia selected us very good and professional candidates, according to our requirements, and the most important thing is that thanks to Ksenia we really found our dream nanny for our child. Our nanny is very warm-hearted, kind, decent, tactful, creative, works by vocation, and what is the most important, she likes our child very much. We are very grateful to Ksenia, she really helped us in this very important and responsible affair. Thank you very much.

Tania Ishchenko
Yes, Ksenia really within a limited time selected an «insider». Due to her support it appeared to be easier than we could imagine it!

Yuliia Shilova
Thank you, Ksenia, for selection of the right nanny for our daughter.
The complete coincidence on all clauses from the first (!) time, moreover, we found a nanny within a week from the moment of filling in the application, and the whole process was clear and professional — everything was exactly how I like:)
I ‘d like to give a piece of advice to all parents who are going to search a nanny through Ksenia’s Agency — tell your requirements to the nanny and take your time to fill in the application аnd for further discussing via telephone/in person. It will accelerate the search a lot both for parents, and for Ksenia, and for candidates to work as nanny.

Nataliia Lokareva
Thanks to Ksenia we found a kind, beautiful, considerate nanny for our little child! Thank you so much!

Sergei Aliksiuk
We turned to this Agency for assistance in search of nanny.
Before it we did the efforts on own and failed to succeed. Ksenia take over our concerns to herself and in a brief time period she found a nanny for us.
Thank you. It’s a pleasure to work with a professional who is also a mother herself.

Kateryna Zurnadzhy
We are very happy that we applied to Ksenia in a rather critical moment for our family, when we needed to find a nanny in a very limited period and it should have been “long-time and seriously”.
We received the information support with a clear understanding, what person we would need. We were given the opportunity to select on our own and each candidate mostly met our requirements and interests.
Now our little daughter Zakharka has a perfect! Thank you, Кsenia, very much!

Kristina Kashytsya
Кsenia helped us also to find our dream nanny!
I liked her approach to work – she heard requirements, described very clearly each candidate and provided us with documents on each nanny. I recommend Кsenia’s services to everybody, who really wants to find a GOOD person and an assistant!

Tania Beloshitskaia
Кsenia was selecting a nanny for our family and she did her task very effectively.
Кsenia, we wish you every success!

Myroslava Zubchuk
Кsenia, I am very grateful to you for your professional and timely assistance in selection of nanny! It’s a pleasure to work with you, you are easy to work with, and the main thing – successfully. The name of the service speaks for itself.)

Svetlana Tsymbal
Ksenia is a perfect specialist in her business. And now we have a perfect nanny! Ksenia is very attentive to all my requirements, I felt what person I needed and eventually there was a match from the first time! It’s a very big plus, that Ksenia is a mother herself and she understands our fears and anxieties connected with a nanny. And she knows and recommends what to do to provide security for a child. If you still have doubt, if you need a nanny – you do need!
When I ‘ve got the time for my daily routine affairs and leisure, I started to spend my time with my child more useful and with more joy Ksenia, thank you so much!

Anastasiia Bantser
I have found a nanny thanks to Ksenia, the nanny is right of gold, and she and my daughter love each other. Ksennia is a very considerate recruiter, with a very human approach, as opposed to many agencies. I highly recommend you to contact her!

Elina Zghodenko
Ksenia helped us in selection of nanny. Everything appeared to be easier than I imagined. Professionally, in brief time period, and the main thing, we found a good nanny. Thank you!

‎Victorya Kuzmyk
I have been thinking for a long time, what comment to write on Ksenia’s work and her attention to her clients and their wishes, her correct recommendations, but then I remembered the episode from the movie which describes my feelings 100 % ! I can’t lose the nanny who was selected by Ksenia for us!!!

Oksana Bolkun

It’s very easy and, the main thing, securely, to work with Ksenia.

I know nothing about nannies, search, documents, rules, liabilities, risks….

I was advised by my friends to contact Ksennia, and I decided to try.

A Fairy Ksenia appeared to be

Clever, delicately understanding people, open-minded,honest, responsible.

I needed a nanny for the whole day, out in the country, I was looking a special person, and in the first turn that one, with whom I wouldn’t leave my son for the whole day.

The task was not easy one.

But Ksenia managed to do it

Thank you.

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